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GIEC´s Vision

  • It is our vision to build a body of true worshippers and indomitable prayerful saints who are products of God’s grace.

  • It is our vision to raise an army of Christ's disciples who are ready to go to all nations to preach the gospel.

  • It is our vision to be an international gathering of saints where Christ's disciples from different nations can come together to fellowship.

Statement Of Faith

  1. Christ, faith and good conscience

  2. Prayer, intercession and soul winning

  3. Holy Spirit, His fruits and His anointing

  4. Spiritual sensitivity, true worship and obedience

  5. Consecration and life in the spirit

  6. Dominion and positive mentality

  7. Spiritual warfare and power

  8. Love, peace and holiness 

  9. Our priestly office, worship and acceptable service

  10. Sense of purpose, vision, discipline

  11. Building healthy relationship, marriage and home

  12. Blessings, wealth, power and promotion of God’s kingdom

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